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Apparently it is our final day; after weeks of knowing we had weeks left, it is now drawing to an end.

We spent the day resolutely refusing to pack; our instructions were to leave the cases outside our room between 4pm and 8pm. Incredibly we had to wen dour way between cases as we went down to breakfast - clearly some people had packed the day before just to be on the safe side !

So our day was "as normal" until just after 5pm. It was a LOVELY day (no need to thank us fro bringing this weather home, it has been a pleasure), so it was a first intimation that things were "different" having to drag self back inside so early when there was (warm!) sun to sit in....Inevitably, the first job was to empty the cases - one was full of "souvenirs" and purchases; the other contained all the "spares" of things like sunglasses that you need a safe place for on holiday.

Considering it took pretty much a whole day to pack, it took only about an hour to re-pack - the basic method is, shove stuff in till it sticks over the height of the case, sit on it, zip it up. The downside to this hasty but time-efficient method is when, some time later, one of you goes "where did we put....?" or "have you seen..." and you have to open it up again, springing back as you do to avoid being hit by fallout, and rummage around in the soup to find the elusive item, then start shoving again.

The final small cases went outside at bedtime containing the things we had worn to dinner (not the same as the things needed for the drive home!) - on the way to Hong Kong, we called these bags "hand luggage"; now we had to send these ashore as cases, with sundry carrier bags, rucksack and camera bag all acting as "hand luggage". Will it all fit in the car ?

"And so", as they say, "to bed"...for the final time

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