Almost the Whole Pacific Coast - Winter/Spring 2016 travel blog

When I booked our campground in Port Angeles, the proprietor asked me if we were coming to attend the Irritation Festival. After my dumbfounded silence he explained that's what he calls it; actually it's the Irrigation Festival, the oldest festival in Washington state begun over one hundred years ago. It sounded small town quaint - a parade, demonstrations of logging skills, unhealthy food. We had intended to go, but were contacted by listeners to our RV Navigator podcast who live a good two hours away. They have sold their home and are staying in a small apartment while their motor home, a new version of ours, is being built in Elkhart, IN. Because so much shopping is done on the internet today, they ended up ordering it through the same salesman who sold us ours in Grand Rapids, MI. They have never driven a motor home and have a lot to learn even though they have been researching the possibilities for the last three years. If they were willing to spend the day driving four hours, we were more than happy to give up on the Irritation Festival to let them pick our brains. As it turned out, it sprinkled on and off throughout the day. No irrigation needed.

Their visit was followed by another group of listeners this morning. Two couples have been touring the Pacific coast just a few days behind us. They knew we were going to get on the ferry this afternoon, so they rushed their schedule to stop by in the morning for a friendly chat. We continue to be amazed at how many nice people we have met through the podcast and their willingness to track us down.

After all our planning and scheming and reading, the ferry trip here to Vancouver Island was a piece of cake. It was cheaper to put the motor home and Jeep on separately and we wondered if there would be a spot to reconnect the RV and Jeep once we arrived here. Victoria is a good sized city and it is easier for Ken to drive through it with an extra pair of eyes to help him figure out the turns. Immigration was a breeze. A hotel with a bus loading zone that allowed us to linger for ten minutes was all the opportunity we needed to hitch together again. The port was so jammed up with vehicles getting off and on the ferry, the agents quickly let us pass without taking away any produce or charging up for too many bottles of wine. The only things they really seem to worry about these days is whether we have guns or DUI's on our records. If your DUI happened less than ten years ago, you cannot come into Canada. Since the next ferry back to the US doesn't leave until tomorrow, we wondered where they would put unsavory Americans until then.

Our campground is just outside of Victoria and we seem to be the only Americans here. The locals told us they haven't had any snow here in two years, hard to believe this far north. They said it's common for people to camp here year round. They gave us some advice about things to see, where to camp and the roads further north, but we still haven't sorted out how to spend our time here. On to the tourist bureau downtown tomorrow.

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