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On the road again

Hokkaido countryside from a moving train

Shinkansen speed

Shinkansen train

We left Sapporo today to return to Sendai.

First, a semi-express to the Shin-Aomori station which took about 3.5 hours.

Next, a Shinkansen to Sendai, which took about 3 hours.

We had left some of our things at Steve's apartment, so he and Dennis trekked down there to retrieve them. Cabbies were not very cooperative in stopping for them on the way back, so it took them longer than they expected. No worries, we just ate later than we wanted to.

Dinner was at a pizza restaurant that he really likes. Yes, we are in Japan and we sometimes eat non-Japanese food. I remind myself that often in the Untied States I eat non-American food.

The pizza was great and there were leftovers for Steve's breakfast the next day.

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