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We do not normally take a camera to breakfast – why would one? – but we have promised we will before the end of the holiday. This morning to ring the changes J opted for Kedgeree off the extensive menu of options. Well, we like kedgeree, it is a family favourite – contains rice, fish (probably smoked haddock, that sort of thing), maybe peas, hard boiled egg……however, this came as a pile of rice containing some pieces of fish, and a separate large spoonful of white fish cubes in a mild brownish curry sauce. I thought with a photo I could recreate this dish and see what we all think of this as an interpretation…? J says it tasted fine – but is it a breakfast dish in this form ? So I have nominated him to have it again so we can take a snap.

Quite windy again today – Force 6 – so open decks not so open. But still very VERY warm, up to 30 degrees, even with the sun still being milky or hiding behind clouds. To begin with this was irrelevant as the first job after breakfast was to watch Leicester win their match. This done, it was coffee, gym, reading, knitting, sitting out……all the usual. We have remained on the same time, so reasonably leisurely – but it is surprising how quickly the day wafts away.

Some excitement at lunchtime – announcement over the Tannoys (MOST unusual except for the daily midday broadcast); “First stage response to Deck 1 Area A”. Most people thought he said “First Aid”, so much speculation about who had done what. Then only a few minutes later it became a bit clearer; they were stood down again and we were given some more info – apparently a “small piece of machinery” had somehow “given off signals which had set off the smoke alarm” – but there was “no smoke at all and absolutely no fire” (you know about the Lady doth protest too much?)…… everyone could stand down again. Well, that’s ok then……. We think in fact someone burnt the Captain’s lunchtime toast in the toaster; anyway, we now also know that we are not part of the “first stage response team” which is also reassuring.

Early night tonight in preparation for tomorrow in St Maarten.

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