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remnants of grand swing set

wild violet

Gt Bray Park

walking through the trees

amphitheater is grand

notice the osprey?

a natural lagoon

downtown Sarasota

build their homes wherever

Longboat Key downtown area

I found an Ibis!

and then a blue heron!

mangroves and shoots, no animals

It's been awhile since I went letterboxing and what better way to see what's in this area but to find parks and letterboxes!

The letterbox in Rye Preserve was planted on what used to be a homestead. All that's left of it now is the frame for swings. There was supposed to be a trellis with the letterbox under it but the trellis is gone so I have no idea if the letterbox is still there or not. It hasn't been found in a couple of years. On the way out, I noticed the beautiful violet and couldn't resist trying to capture its true colors. fair job.

Great Bray Park is beautiful and one side of it has paths that go amongst many live oak trees. It was spooky and beautiful at that same time. There is a big amphitheater there and I would love to see a play or show at this venue.

From there I went out to Bradenton Beach and down Longboat Key to the New Pass Bridge that goes into Sarasota. I turned around and came back so that I could finish the afternoon wandering the paths of the Joan Durante Community Park. This park is a wetland restoration project funded by Joan's husband James (not Jimmy!) It is beautiful to say the least!

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