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Amber in her favourite position!

Had to have Amber to the vet at 10am for Monthly Cartrophin injection. They very kindly let us leave her with them for an hour while we went and looked at shops in Longreach. I also put a load of washing on at the laundromat (everything very close to main street), then we had a wander in the main street whilst washing was on and Amber was keeping in the cool at the vet. Called in to tourist information, then went and picked up Amber and the washing before doing some grocery shopping. We returned to camp to hang out washing and have some lunch. It was then really too hot to do anything to much, so a bit of a quiet afternoon. Washing dried very quickly! Although days are still very warm, there is minimal humidity and evenings are very pleasant for sitting outside. Also cool enough at night for sleeping.

We think we have a pretty good set up for our van when comparing ourselves to others. We have worked out which direction to park so as to get maximum afternoon shade This is which has proved to be particularly relevant for this campsite as there is absolutely no shade. However, not a lot of others here seem to have thought of that, as awning is out one side, but they have to sit in the shade on the other side of their van! The collapsible pens are perfect for keeping the dogs restrained as well as allowing them freedom to move around. The fold up flooring is also worth its weight in gold! The dogs are settling well into routine and coping well with the travel. Even Amber is doing really well and enjoying her walks.

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