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Beautiful cactus in the resort

famous burros of Oatman




Putting the coach in storage went off without a hitch. On the way out of the park I spotted the most beautiful blooming cactus and had to stop to take a picture.

My goal today was to get to Oatman, AZ to see the wild burros. Getting there turned out to be a bit more challenging than I had anticipated. I got off the highway and turned on to Historic Route 66 for the ride into town. Suddenly signs were posted saying that the road crossed over a mountain pass, lots of steep and curvy roads, no center line. Too late to look for an alternate route and besides, I thought, it's only 10 miles. I've driven lots of steep curvy roads ( Colorado Monument comes to mind) but this one was definitely the most unsettling.

Finally I arrived in Oatman, an old mining town, and burros in the street had traffic at a stand still. In due time they moved and the few cars in front of me found parking spots. I had to go some but ended up in a secluded lane just off the main drag.

The mines in town shut down with the advent of World War 2 and simply released the burros into the wild. They are all over the mountain and many come to town every day for the carrots and other food tourists buy to feed them. According to the Chamber of Commerce, Clark Cable and Carole Lombard honeymooned here.

Glad I came - won't be coming back.

I drove to Laughlin for the night and as I was on line at a casino restaurant someone tapped me on the shoulder ( a la Indianapolis) and I came face to face with Colleen and Curt from Canyon Vistas. We shared a table and chatted for quite some time. So good to see old friends. So good also to have a wonderful bed with fabulous pillows to enable me to have such a good night's sleep.

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