Japan Sakura Season 2016 travel blog

Fukuoka from castle ruins

Ohori Park Eco Starbucks

Sakura one tree in full bloom

Diminutive Photographer

Acros Building

View from Acros Bldg

Fukuoka Mon 28th 6-17°C clear, sunny.

Went via subway Kuko line two stops to Ohori Park. Lovely place, large lake, the old Fukuoka castle ruins, sakura blossoming but needs another week for full bloom. Had a latte in the Ohori eco starbucks with a view across the lake.

Mel and I had a stroll around Tenjin, she pointed out a few old haunts, like the Shidax karaoke building and the Taito Game Arcade building with several floors of video game machines. We had some lunch in the restaurant floor of Solaria, where she found her favourite meal, negitoro-don.

I just hiked the Acros building up one side and down the other, you can liken it to a small mountain climb via steps, and there's a great view from the top. Found a 3 floor Tully's coffee near the hotel, good spot for a latte & cake, then people watch from the 2nd floor (top floor is for smokers).

For dinner we went to the supermarket for closing fresh food specials, bought some tuna & salmon sashimi, tako, karaage chicken etc for 20-30% discount. At full price it still would be cheaper than in Oz.

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