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Leaving the blooming desert for the high country

LOTS of saguaros

Are those trees??

From tan to green

But, what is that white stuff?

Writings from 800 - 2,000 yers ago



Frolicking squirrels

Nice shack

old burial ground

Steaks! Stew!! Roasts!!!


Nice spot


More of that mystery white stuff?

One that didn't make it

The locals are not happy with the lost female hiker who kindled...

And a Happy St Patty's Day to ya (some of the best...

As planned, we said our goodbyes and left Lake Havasu behind on Tuesday, the 15th. It was about 200 miles to our destination – the Cummins Rocky Mountain dealership. I wanted to have the generator checked as it was making an unusual noise and we were to have a coach service done. That night we drove up to Sun City to have dinner and a visit with Dick and Phyllis. She has started her chemo and they have a long summer ahead. It was good to see them.

Our unit went in on Wednesday morning as planned. We left and took care of a number of errands. We had a great lunch at the Black Bear Diner. Started in Mt Shasta, CA in 1995, it now numbers 70 restaurants. We returned and got the unit back around 3:00 or so, without the generator issue being resolved. I made an appt for next week, hoping to get it finished then. It was too late to leave Phoenix (TRAFFIC!) so we stayed at the dealership another night.

On Thursday morning we headed north out Route 87, then 260 into the mountains through Payson and arrived in Heber around 1:00 – about 155 miles. Phoenix is 1,086’ and Heber is at 6,600’. We encountered snow on the sides of the road at 7100’. The Phaeton had a workout but got us here safely. Today’s fuel mileage was 6.2 – ouch! What a drastic change from the northern Sonoran Desert to the Ponderosa Pine covered top of the Mogollon (pronounced “muggy-own”) Rim! After setting up we had lunch at the Red Onion. Great food and good prices (thanks Dick)! Special of the day? Well, it WAS St. Patty’s Day! Then we did a drive over the back way into Black Canyon Lake, seeing old settlement remnants and petroglyphs, etc. We drove out the “front way”. Along the way we saw a number of hawks, a couple of frolicking fox (or at least what appeared to be fox) squirrels and 10 and ½ elk. The ½?? On the return we saw what appeared to be a game warden loading a dead elk into his truck. Naturally I had to stop and see if this old fish cop could help or . . . just be nosey. He turned out to be a state wolf biologist. He didn’t need any help but we had a nice visit. He is working on the Mexican Wolf (rarest subspecies of the gray wolves) stabilization project. New Mexico and Arizona combined currently have a population of 97 and they are watching/managing it closely.

Oh yes – it topped out at about 68 degrees today (love it) and will be in the 30s tonight. Some different than the desert!!

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