Northern lights of the last frontier in 2016 travel blog

Obligatory photo at the park entrance


Dan cuts a lone figure amongst the silent tourist buses

cracks in the Nenana river


strong man and moose

A friendly bear

A reflective moment

resting on our hike

Once we got all the papers for the maserati we just bought we were also given an extension cord so we could plug the car in to keep the engine warm otherwise the oil thickens up in the cold and the car won't start.

We drove to Walmart in Fairbanks to buy winter gloves and a fleece for Dan and beer and wine for both. On hearing our accent the check out chick asked if we were from ...Germany!

For breakfast we ate at Sam's Sourdough Cafe. Considered by many to be the best diner in town. It's not fancy but very popular. We've eaten there before on previous trips to Fairbanks and the waitresses are all, shall we say very mature.

Our accommodation is two hours drive away at Denali Lakeview Inn in Healy, which is ten miles from the entrance to Denali and 130 miles (200kms) from Fairbanks.

We had clear blue skies and not a breath of wind and the road pretty much to ourselves.

Denali is open all year but obviously the crowds are down in winter, which was great for us as we had the park to ourselves.

The main road in the park is ploughed to mile 12.5 (they've done this for the past couple of years) which is great because unlike in Summer in Winter we actually had the best views of Denali and no crowds. It doesn't look that big because it is so far away compared to the foot hills in the foreground. It is 6190 metres high and the third most prominent and third most isolated peak after Mount Everest and Aconcagua.

We visited the Winter Visitor Centre with its comfy chairs and log fire. We decided to brave it and do a hike in snow shoes. This for us was the equivalent of strapping tennis racquets to our boots, strange but very funny. The fact that there is no wind makes all the difference to how pleasant or not it can be.

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