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Jeffrey impressed with the Dreamliner

Waikiki Beach with Diamond Head mountain in the background

Blue skies over Waikiki and sunshades are go

crystal clear waters of Waikiki

Sunset over Waikiki

Waikiki festival

Dan drinking a Blue Hawai'i.. what else

It's funny how we left Sydney at 5.55pm on a Saturday afternoon and after a nine and a half hour flight arrived in Honolulu on Saturday morning at 6.20am.

The Jetstar flight was on a new Dreamliner 787 with bigger windows and electronic dimming glass. No pull-down shutters just a button to press to darken the glass. We had a spare seat and stretched out. The seats have a tilt of 31 inches....woo hoo!

The flight was relatively smooth with only some minor turbulence. The staff were friendly and attentive.

At customs in Hawai'i I was told I probably always get told that I look like Susan Sarandon. Hopefully when she was younger because I think she may be around 70 now!

Airport staff were very efficient and had our bags off the carousel before we got there.

Likewise our hotel transfer with Robert's transfers was also all systems go.They had shells leis around our necks before we could say Aloha.

Unfortunately our hotel check-in at the Ewa Hotel wasn't till 3.00pm but at least they let us stow our luggage there. We wandered out on a early morning Waikiki Saturday in search of a cheap breakfast. Our first taste of filter coffee and crispy bacon, brought it all back ... had it really only been six months since we'd last tasted it. No doubt we'll get used to it again.

We walked across to the relative calm of Waikiki Beach and watched the gentle waves roll in and thought to ourselves in a few hours this place will be heaving.

We walked along the coast, weaving our way in and out of various five star hotels including the Moana Surfrider and the Royal Hawaiian. They all have comfortable lounges and rocking chairs where we whiled away the hours, reading the paper, people watching and snoozing.

We were back at our hotel a little early at 2.30pm for check-in. We were given a room upgrade to a suite. Yipee! While the main bed was very high it was very comfortable and what a wonderful feeling it was to be able to lie down.

Our hotel has a sundeck on level eight and we remembered this just in time to catch a beautiful Hawaiian sunset on this our first night.

The street opposite the beach is closed off to traffic as it is being set up for the Waikiki Festival.

In the evening we wandered around the various food and craft stalls. It was very crowded and after a while we decided to head up one of the quieter streets in search of a sit down meal. We ended up at a Thai restaurant Keoni by Keo's, we've eaten there in the past. Sadly it's closing down on March 16 after many years.

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