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Tile off the wall in the bathroom

Cabinets out of the kitchen

The backyard of our new rental house - we'll need the lawnmower!

The living room

Part of the roof has come off

Fresh snow on March 9

Empty living room

This is a random hole between the bathroom and kitchen that was...

The cat likes the new house!

Kelly's dinner one night - when you don't think a plate of...

More fresh snow on March 14


The first bin for the demo debris arrived on the 15th



Beautiful hummingbird at the rental house

Empty kitchen

This was under the carpet in our bedroom

Living room sub-floor

Our first dig - finding the natural gas line. Kenzie sifting



First find - the tip off a deer antler

A piece of bone - this time open with no marrow. Small...

These are shavings leftover from the making of a tool.

Capping the natural gas line


These are what Kenzie found in our first dig.

Steve McCourt arriving with his digger on March 22




Paddy taking out all the windows

It looks really funny without the windows

Hydro crew moving the power from Wharf Ave to Osprey to the...

Gently pulling an azalea plant from in front of the house -...

And laying it down off to the side

Porch is first






















A bed of old shells

Pulling up the concrete "foundation"

Kenzie the archaeologist taking notes

Now the shed!


The roof of the shed


The concrete floor of the shed

All cleaned up!

Searching for the water line

Up a tree on the 24th





Tying the tree to the digger to help lay it down in...





A little rotten


West side of house




The digger was very helpful

Brad up the tree



Landon cutting with one hand!

Checking the undercut

This one was tied to the truck to put it in the...



The third day of wearing long pants!



Piling up the branches

The last trees - starting at the top


View from across the street - trees all gone


Another helping hand

Landon all done

A nice pile of logs


Loading the logs early on the 30th




A full load off to the man who will be milling them

Photo from the early 1980s - built in the 60s by Henry...

See our house over on the right - before it was moved.

We were right into it as soon as we arrived home. Packing began and we started to move some things next door. That's right - we've rented a newly renovated basement suite in the house next door! It's small but we won't need too much for the next few months.

We met with our builder Brian Giampa on the 23rd. He relayed how impressed they were at the city when he applied for the Building Permit that Larry had every document they asked for all ready. Larry picked up the demolition permit on the 24th.

25th - appt with prospective electrician, firmed up quote, talked about fireplaces - may not put one in. met with window guy - changed sizes because of 9 foot walls. talked to hydro about temp pole - apparently an electrician is supposed to do that - had to arrange that.

Update on the rental - it turned out that Kelly had not found a place to live so we started looking for possibilities for him - a one bedroom, an RV. We looked at a couple of RVs - the first was full of water, the second was way over-priced. Luckily we were able to find a 3 bedroom home just up the street that worked out perfectly. So packing in a different direction began. We gave our notice to our neighbour on March 1. We will probably lose 3 months rent there. On Friday the 4th Maureen and Larry went to Vancouver for the day to finalize the plumbing order and the kitchen plans, make a Costco run and look at some lighting fixtures.

Moving day was Saturday March 5. We were able to take a lot of stuff to the new place so that eased the pressure on the storage containers. Several guys from Kelly's ball team had offered to help and they began arriving at 9 am. Maureen had labelled as best she could so the guys knew whether things went to a container or to the new house. The guys were fast and everything was done by about 12:30. Pizza and beer followed on the patio at the new house.

The new place is comfortable and the cat adapted well. TELUS was supposed to come Sunday morning to hook up the internet and the TV. The tech arrived and did his work but couldn't get it connected right away. 26 hours and several phone calls later (including an e-mail and 3 phone calls from Darren Entwistle's office, the President of TELUS) it was finally working. We ended up with a 3 month credit (value $300). Larry continues to arrange things - people don't call back in a dependable way. People seem to be so busy that they can't fit us in.

Kelly's friend Scott started taking the steel roof off on the 8th. He found it easier than expected until he came across a nail size change - from about 3/4" to 1 1/2". That slowed him down quite a bit. Other challenges continued. Hydro sent an e-mail that said the temporary service would be connected sometime between the 15th and the 30th - not going to work! Larry pinned them down to the 22nd. Fortis had a problem because they suddenly discovered that we were on an archaeological site and needed special permitting - if they had written it down in the Fall (or read their notes) they would know we knew that and had the necessary permits already. The date for that disconnection is unknown at this point. In the meantime, business has picked up on the Coast so much we're having trouble pinning down the excavator to take the house down and the tree guy is going on holidays for three weeks (his son will do the work instead).

Meanwhile bits and pieces of demo continued. Kelly took down the tiles, wall board and wall in the bathroom and took out the cabinets in the kitchen. Maureen took down drywall, pulled up carpet and moved plants to safe locations. Larry continued to work the phones arranging everything. We made two trips to Vancouver - one to confirm plumbing fixtures and the kitchen cabinets, the other to choose some light fixtures for the dining room and kitchen.

The weekend of the 19th/20th we hired a guy from Kelly's ball team, Denny, to help with taking bits and pieces to the bin. He also was great with heavy stuff and climbing ladders. At this time the tub, hot water tank and toilet were removed that will be picked up by Habitat for Humanity ReStore. The guys also removed the outside awning which we will re-use. We had placed our double stainless kitchen sink as well as the old bathroom sink. They were both gone within about 15 minutes! Fortis Gas arrived on Sunday to cap off the gas line. Kenzie, the archaeologist was also there to supervise the digging. Earlier we had received a map from the Regional District of where our water shutoff was. We couldn't find it so called the District. They came out on the 21st and couldn't find it either. Also on the 21st the Porta-Potti arrived. Scott worked some more on the roof. We also lost the cat at the rental house - turns out she had burrowed underneath a comforter in the spare bedroom - opted not to come when we called her!

On the afternoon of the 22nd, Steve McCourt arrived with his digger. He's anxious to get going! He was there bright and early on the 23rd, at 8 am. By 9:30 the house was down and he was finishing the clean up. Then he brought the shed down and pulled up all the concrete. We had three full bins of stuff plus two dump truck loads. A great job by a very skilled machine operator. Of course it was pouring rain and cold all day. A couple of people from down the street chose to watch the action for a couple of hours inside the sun room of the neighbour across the street. Pretty cool to watch and lots of pictures. Kenzie the archaeologist needed to be called when there was a chance the ground would be disturbed. The only thing he found under where the house used to be was a bed of remains of shells and a funny axe head. He will clean it up to determine the age of it. Otherwise he was happy there were no artifacts. Check out the article from the Coast Reporter paper - (copy and paste into your browser). There's a video included too!

On the 24th, again bright and early, the tree fallers arrived. There was always pressure about the timing - Steve was going on vacation Friday afternoon and had to be done. It worked out that his brother would come back Tuesday and finish up any tree branch work. A guy from the city came on the 24th to see if he could find the water line. They will have to bring back a machine. Since it appears there's no proper (modern) shutoff they will have to install a new one, including a water meter. We also are not sure where the sewer line goes although we have found the pipe near the house. It will have to be dug back a bit and capped off. Steve was able to dig it back about 20 feet. It seemed to go at an angle that would appear to go directly under the containers! Oh no! It wasn't raining on the 24th but it was cold. Hopefully it warms up soon.

The 25th was much better - sunny but still quite cold. Larry was in long pants for three whole days!! The job was completed by about 3:00 in the afternoon. Seven trees - six of them were double trees and one had three - so we're calling it 15 trees in all. The guy who will be milling them was by and figured there was between 10 and 12,000 board feet of wood. He will take half as payment for the milling and we will get the rest for a fence and the deck. Steve pulled all but three of the stumps - two will be planters and one will have to be ground out.

We weren't able to get the full bins taken away until later on the 28th so Steve agreed to come first thing on the 29th (so much for his vacation). Our neighbour wanted to take his branches so Steve moved them over there. He can dump them for free. We could have too but there is so many. Larry went to the Village office to see if we could figure out the sewer thing. They had a map from 1978 that showed the sewer going in a totally different direction than it was going. How could that be? Not surprising apparently. Just before lunch the Village engineer stopped by. He said we could tie the sewer in wherever we wanted so that was a relief. No moving the containers! Update: Wrong!! (if it sounds too good to be will cost about $3500) Back to the drawing board.

Early on the morning of the 30th we got a call that the logging truck had arrived. Within 45 minutes he had all the logs loaded up and on their way to the mill. That's the end of the destruction - let's move on to construction!

Another sewer update - we had the guy out today with a camera and we were able to trace the line back to the road, with two elbows. We should be able to work with that!

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