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Yesterday my Samsung smart phone was lost/stolen/went missing. I noticed it's absence on the Delhi metro when I felt my pants pocket - empty. It was a packed car - this was returning from INR, and it had been equally packed going as well. My suspicion is that a man standing close to me (we were crushed together) who acted friendly, asking "where from" when I first got on, he got off the very next stop. Who knows?

It was my fault having it with me in such circumstances. Before leaving the G.H. I had considered leaving either camera or phone, could not decide and ended up with both...largely due to my angered disposition at the time. Anger always obliterates all sensible reasoning! It is lost and I must now face the consequences.

Bon is right about devices. I have had this phone for over 2 years and come to rely on it as my notebook for all kinds of information, most irretrievable. With no computer backup (we have no home or place to leave one anyway), the phone was my only source for keeping my journal as well as the repository of the beginnings of a book I was writing about life with Bonnie. Needless to say, losing it has left me with a physical sense of emptiness, loss, like losing a part of my life. Attachment is something I have fought against periodically all my life but I feel it most acutely now!

I realize how ridiculous my preoccupation with this "device" has been - often separating me from the real, be-here-now appreciation of life going on around me. Still, this realization has not helped me get over the consequences. I cannot/will not attempt to reconstruct what has been lost. This would only take me away from the 'now' even more, defeating the lessons to be learned. Very much like, if not truly, an addiction!


1) Anger is ONLY destructive.

2) Attention to the moment is my main source of understanding.

3) Blame solves nothing...even self blame.

4) Patience, because 'This too shall pass away'.

5) Attachments are not answers.

What this all means for future....

Having no ready access to internet and none with wifi, my Facebook entries will become almost non-existent and my trip journal updates will be as they were before - infrequent and short.

This G.H. may be my last entry for quite some time. We have found traveling that whereas years past when the internet was first taking hold, there were many computer sites, internet cafes where you could pay to use on site computers. With advent of wifi and travelers more and more having their own mobile devices, these computer sites have disappeared, replaced by "free wifi" sites. This has now become a liability since not all can afford a mobile smart phone or device.

It is interesting that I just read in an Indian newspaper that a wealthy philanthropist is subsidizing a smartphone for which he is charging less than $4 US. The cost of producing it is low due to volunteers doing the assembly...less than $20 US but for Indians and poor everywhere even $4 is a stretch but possible given the advantages. His wish is to enable all Indians the possibility of being connected, however, the first lot of 30,000 was ordered w/in an hour and over 350,000 orders were placed thereafter necessitating the suspension of sales within a day of the offer. The article said it would take 6 months to establish assembly sites sufficient to cover even these remaining orders.

I am putting this on Facebook also, because whatever happened to my phone may end up compromising some or all of my contacts!! If ANY of you discover or receive messages from me that are suspect I would appreciate hearing from you via my trip journal website, which is my most secure connection at this point. Thank you for your interest. Here's hoping Bernie wins. Love to all...keep in touch via Bonnie email.

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