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View from the train.

Boats on Perfume River.

Park outside the town centre.

Across the moat.

We start our journey to Hue on the TN7 sleeper train. We get soft bunk beds together in a cabin. I begin to understand why this is such a popular way to travel through Vietnam. Being rocked to sleep by the movement of the train. Waking up to beautiful views as we wind through the countryside.

As we explore the town, we find that tourism is woven in amongst the local life. Groups of men and women sit outside bars and play cards, whilst vendors try to sell you food and drink next door. Children play football on the grass, as tourists wander around them to the Old Citadel. Hotels and restaurants are dotted about all over, which keeps us walking. So we are able to take in much of the history and culture of Hue despite our brief visit.

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