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)First off, after we arrived in Delhi I read an Indian newspaper which reported demonstrations by Jap peoples who wanted quotas which would give them more jobs and entries into schools. Demonstrations turned violent in one

city where the army was called in and 10 demonstrators were killed the day we were on the bus into Delhi going through the state of Haryana. See map. We had seen military being unloaded at one point. We've seen military lots of places here in the West of India so thought nothing of it.

2)Another story in the same paper reported the killing of 6 terrorists who were intercepted while trying to enter an air base in Punjab after an attempt to make some mischief Jan. 2. We'd seen alot of military movement via train when we were heading N. but again, due to proximity to the boarder to Pakistan we'd been told that the Indian army and airforce where stationed all along these areas.

3)India seems to place a huge emphasis on education by the great number of billboards and other forms of advertising promoting every kind of school imaginable.

4)See lots of marble and granite outlets and places which cut 4-5' slabs that are seen used as fence posts and even fencing itself. As we've driven E. in Punjab I've observed more and more tree lots...several different species which I don't recognize.

5)Since heading N. into Punjab we have seen more than two dozen wedding celebrations at various stages in the 3 day event.

6)Internet/wifi in Delhi, Goa, Rajistan, Gugerat, and now Punjab has been close to non-existent, sporadic and

intermittent at best! Only now at Ajay G.H. is there reliable internet.

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