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What a great day today!

We left Brighton this morning and on the way out saw all of the little beach huts that people pay a fortune to lease. It was the most beautiful day with blue sky and a few clouds but still quite cool.

We drove through Hove, Arundel, Chichester, Portsmouth and Southhampton before arriving at Stonehenge which is somewhere I have always wanted to visit. You have to catch the shuttle bus from the visitor centre up to the stones and once there you walk around with a little audio commentary on a personal device. It was still a lovely day weather wise but cold. We caught the shuttle bus back to the visitor centre and had time to grab a quick lunch then it was back on the bus.

The tour bus next to ours in the coach parking area was serving German sausages and coffee to their people so we were all a bit jealous and felt like we had booked with the wrong tour company!

From there it was on through Exeter and into Plymouth where we are staying for the night. We had about 15 minutes to freshen up and then it was off to Dartmoor in the County of Devon for a quick tour, storytelling and dinner in one of the local pubs. The storyteller - George - was fabulous and took us into the old church that is no longer in use that had been built by French and American prisoners of war who were being housed in the local prison. It was a beautiful old church and more cold inside than out. When I mentioned this to our bus driver, Joe chuckled and said "why do you think I stayed out here?"

The dinner was beautiful - we started off with the local brew, either Dartmoor IPA or Jail Ale beer. The main meal was beef and ale pie, chips and veg. The pie was delicious. The meat and gravy were on the plate with pockets of puffed pastry just sitting on top. I had never seen a pie like that before and it was impressive. Dessert was apple crumble and custard or locally made icecream.

George entertained us with interesting stories/legend from the local area and the moors surrounding the little town we were in (Princetown). One story he told was of the 2 ghosts that inhabit the pub where we were. One is an old monk and the other is a man that has been known to tickle ladies on their bottoms when they use the bathroom. Needless to say I was busting all the way home because I wasn't game to use the amenities!

The drive up through the moors was lovely and once out of town we passed over a cattle grid and from then on it is just open farms. There are sheep, cows and ponies all cohabiting together. So many cows had calves and pony's had foals. They had very interesting colouring and were so cute. We had to keep slowing down as they all just wander across the road.

It was a big day on the bus and once again the majority of people spend most of the day sleeping! I'm going to try harder to stay awake tomorrow.

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