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Chiang Mai Annual Flower Festival.

Moat surrounding Old Town.

Happy statue in Old Town.

Bua Thong 'sticky' Waterfalls.

Walking Street Sunday Night Market.

A 14 hour train ride north of Bangkok brings us lush green countryside and some respite from the hectic capital. Traffic still fills the roads but Chiang Mai's old town offers a slower pace.

As we explore, the perfectly square moat that surrounds the centre proves very useful in helping us to find our way. So we allow ourselves to be distracted and wander down side roads and through markets. We walk, we talk, we eat, we experience.

We enjoy the annual flower festival, we visit temples, we walk up through the cascading water of Buan Thong waterfall, we watch Muay Thai Boxing, and we see Walking Street market in all it's Sunday night glory. We like Chiang Mai.

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