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Swat A Fly

Homes in Bisbee

Homes in Bisbee

Cooper Mine

Cooper Mine

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Swat a Fly

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Today we decided that we would visit Bisbee which is about 22 miles south of Tombstone. In a car it takes around half hour to drive, in the old west it was a half day stagecoach ride. There is not much between Tombstone and Bisbee but desert and mountains. Bisbee is located in the Mule Mountain around 4600 feet above sea level. They do get snow but monsoons come from July to September, they also get snow in the winter. Everything in the town is on a hill so when it snows the town comes to a stop because of the slippery roads. Today we were in 75 degree weather and not a cloud in the sky.

Our first stop was The Bisbee Tour Company which takes you around on gas power golf carts. The driver we had was Francine, which was a local lady of Mexican American, French, Apache heritage. She was very knowledgeable of the area since she was born and raised here. She was a joy to listen about the history of the Bisbee area. It was an hour tour for $18.00, money well spent because a person would not like to walk the streets of Bisbee. As you see by the pictures everything is on the side of a mountain. Some of the homes don’t even have streets to access them, you must climb the steps, which is the sidewalk, to get to their house. Some of the steps are 100 to 150 steps and very steep. Every year they have a 1000 step run, one area has 1000 steps to the top and whomever does it the fastest wins. They had a fly swatting contest in 1912 because of so many fly’s that the person that swatted the most won something, but nobody knows what. On our tour we got to see the strip mining that went on for years before the mine was closed down.

We did stop at a little Vietnamese restaurant that a couple people told us they had the best egg rolls, so we tried them. The people were correct, the egg rolls were hand made at the time of order, not frozen one, and we ordered two which was just enough for us.

Bisbee started as a mining town, then a Hippie town in the 70’s 80’s, to and artsy town, to a gay community now. Saw a guy walking down the street with gold sandals, capris and a purse, kind of picked up this. We stopped in a little art gallery operated by John Thamm, ex-navy, and straight. He had some great paintings of the candidates. Also purchased a book he create with pictures and story of 50 American Veterans, looking forward to reading it.

That was about it for the day, so we headed back to Tombstone for the night. Tomorrow will be another day.

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