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I am watching the movie “Eat, Love, Pray” tonight and finding myself identifying with the main character who sets out to find herself by traveling to Italy, India and Bali. But, do you need to travel to find yourself? Unless, you consider driving around the country in an RV, where you get to experience new adventures, new friends and new foods (yes, food is always a priority). Yeah, I think I found myself by traveling, by looking deep within myself, by opening myself up to new people and by learning that as I get older, life is an amazing adventure. Happiness is fun, self-confidence rocks, and love is everything.

John took a 4 day job working at the Phoenix Open Golf Tournament. He worked at the parking lot from 5:30 a.m. till 3 p.m. Now this boy has not worked for several years, and the first day he came home beat, tired, legs aching, sunburned and talkative as a Chatty Cathy doll. Apparently, the 20 something girls had some interesting outfits to look at, people who dressed like their favorite golfer and rich folks who gave one of the workers $100 to find his car (he got lost in the lot). His first night home he headed over to the pool and hot tub to soak and relax. It is tough getting old!

Today was his last day and he got home in time to flop in front of the T.V. to watch the Super Bowl with a beer and some hot wings. He is back! Actually, we weren't too excited about who was playing (cause Seattle wasn't there), but we were interested in some of the commercials.

I went over to Safeway about 2:30 p.m. to pick up his hot wings and beer, treats for the dog (hey, he likes to watch Super Bowl too) and a few other goodies. The parking lot was full. Silly me, didn’t think that was too bad, just a busy Sunday. But, when I got into the store it was packed around the deli, beer aisle, chips and assorted goodies. They had actually run out of ice! Getting in line was quite the maneuvering, as too many people were standing every which way in the aisles by the checkout. I actually had to wait almost 20 minutes to get to the front of the line. Do not go to the market 2 hours before Super Bowl…remember that next year. Whew.

We got our first electric bill from the RV Park and I must say, it was quite an interesting read. I made a copy and am posting it for you. Never got one like this before.

With John working, it has been Toby and me taking several walks a day. He has his little routine. Doing his business in the morning, checking his email messages on every post, stone, weed and street. Oh, and not to forget, bark at most of the people and all the dogs that come into his view. It’s exhausting. I did make him walk to the mail stop, about ½ city block walk. He was not happy as his little legs were moving pretty darn fast. He kept turning around, looking at our RV longingly. And, finally on the way back, he practically pulled me on my butt as he RAN home. Then, plopped on the sofa and collapsed. Don’t you just love dogs?

And, since we are speaking of dogs...the man and his dog commercial with Willie Nelson singing in the background just makes me smile.

If you haven't heard it...well, here it is. Think of your dog and keep a tissue close by.

My Buddy

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