Into the interior up in the mountains at 6,000 feet plus on dirt track switchback roads clinging to the side of vertiginous unguarded sheer drops.. What could wrong?

Well, just the driver really and his unique driving technique. I thought I'd communicate the issue obliquely by telling him about the Pete and dud sketch about Tarzan. I explained Pete was looking to recruit someone to play Tarzan, a role normally given to a biped but as dud was deficient in the leg department to the tune of one, he wasn't really suited. This was my of telling him that in my humble opinion driving on such roads usually required the use of two hands, not one. In response he huffily pointed out that he did use two hands but not necessarily at the same time (or never as I would put it). This had the additional advantage (for him) of being able to use his iPhone app to confirm our altitude at any point on the route. He will no doubt be an early adopter of driverless cars as he is almost there now.

On the positive side, I past my first test to become a local guide where we had stopped for a picnic. Our guide had gone off to do what a man has to do when a Swiss couple driving themselves (insane) stopped to ask me the way. I was of course able to offer detailed directions on the route, where to stop for the best view and how to stop the vicious cheeky local goats from grabbing his sandwiches, based on first had experience. All in German too. He couldn't believe his luck as there was no one else for miles around, certainly not speaking German too.

Certainly the highlight of the day took place at 12:15 as we stood on a promontary overlooking an oasis a bright green fields sown with alfaffa, aubergines, garlic etc overlooked by an ancient tiered mountain village from whence the call to prayer echoed into the surrounding mountain peaks. Pure magic. Worth the mild heart attack.

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