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We have arrived. The kids are super excited!

Out in the Grand Hall area...Time to get started!

First stop, the Marine Life Gallery...

Colorful coral, sting rays & sharks too...

The frogfish wiggles the fleshy bump between it's eyes to attract prey...Never...

Nice seeing my guys enjoying time together :)

Moving on to Egypt...Love this family!

Back to Pharaoh's time...

Now that's quite a fishing stool!

A little info...

This would be an interesting addition to our rig...

Jasmine, running a scan of a mummy...

The machine showed 3 'layers' the final one being the skeletal bones...Pretty...

Moving on the the African Savanna Gallery...Sound buttons & informational plaques available

They claim baboons share 90% of their DNA with humans???

Look like any of your relatives?

Very well done!

Don't get too close Jasmine!!! :)

Majestic, don't you think?

Tawnia took a ton of great pics today too!

A bit gruesome but what a display & learning experience for the...

The blood circulating through this bat-eared fox's ears helps cool him in...

In the spotted hyena family, girls rule! I think I like that...

Isn't he lovely???

Monkey see, monkey do?

Beautiful animal...Check out those unique horns

Right next to him stood this beauty. More unique horns!!!

Next stop, Prehistoric Gallery, see you there next time!

But have to share this. Jasmine drew it just before we arrived....

Today we visited the Las Vegas Natural History Museum whose mission is to inspire through educational exhibits & programs a better understanding & appreciation of the natural world and the sciences. This treasure has been in operation in association with the Smithsonian Institution since 1991 & this is the first we've heard about it! That's what having children & grandchildren bring into your life, lol. They invited us & we're sure glad they did, we really enjoyed the time together.

This museum consists of two levels, the Lower Level consisting of the African Savanna Gallery, a rainforest & an early man exhibit. The Main Floor Exhibits included a Prehistoric Life Gallery, the Wild Nevada Gallery, the Marine Life Gallery, the International Wildlife Gallery, Treasures of Egypt & the Young Scientist Center. I believe they also host traveling exhibits & have hands on experiences & feedings throughout the day. On this cold, rainy day attendance was light & even though all of the employees were very friendly there wasn't any 'feeding' or extra 'stuff' going on.

A map of the facility as well as plenty of 'buttons' for animal 'sounds' & info were plentiful as well as informational wall plaques etc making for an easy to follow touring path. The little kids loved it & I think the six big one's did equally as much! I learned a lot & even though it is sad to see these beautiful creatures/animals stuffed & on display it's an opportunity for our young to understand the importance of nature & science on this earth. Of course Larry & I have seen many of these in their natural habitat & wish the kids could experience that as well.

Being on the road for 10 years has certainly been wonderful in the 'new to me' animal/bird arena. It's been an amazing journey & we're looking forward to seeing more of this beautiful country. In the meantime, I'm so glad we got to spend a few hours watching our grand children's eyes light up as they experienced seeing something 'new' in their learning experiences. Time moves on so quickly, it's the special memories that make it last. I hope you too are enjoying making your own. Have a terrific day!

PS I took over 100+ pics today so I'm going to split the post with about 30 pics each. Hope you enjoy :)

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