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At airport




I woke up at 4 am, an hour before my alarm. The could hear the wind blowing. Snow was still falling with a vengeance. I showered, dressed, and packed. I tried to call the airline, but couldn't figure out the phone. Went downstairs and asked the receptionist to help me find out the status of my flight. Neither her online search nor her unanswered calls helped my plight. She suggested, You go to airport. I asked her to call a taxi. She said no, bus 500. I wasn't sure if that meant taxis weren't running, they weren't safe, or they were unnecessary, but I took her advice and stood for 30 minutes in the cold and falling snow for bus 500. Ten minutes later, I was at the Jeju Airport. It looks like a refugee center with people on palates camped out all over the airport.

I went to Eastar to check in. No need. No flights in and out until at least noon. The agent suggested I try again on the 27th. Um, I fly to America on the 26th. He looked worried. He told me to come back at noon and he could tell me more.

I found a table at a cafe and got some coffee and a scone. They said they had no other food. Even the 7-11 looks picked bare. Like a going out of business sale.

Will I make it back to Seoul today? Hard to say. In time to speak tomorrow? Questionable. In time for my return flight on the next day? Not clear. If I were given to worry, I'd be doing it. But, it gives me time to catch up on journaling...and to wonder what today will hold.

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