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December 11-12, 2015

Road Trip Journal: Postcard 14

Leaving Odessa later that we wanted to. The hotel had a great breakfast, so we lingered a littler longer for that second cup of coffee. Not too long before we are in Arizona, so it looks like we will be home tomorrow night.

The road was smooth and without traffic. I'm not a desert person, but going through the Saguaro National Forest was breathtaking. The landscape was spectacular; something right out of the quintessential western movie. The Saguaro cactus were quite majestic against the tequila sunrise sky. But trying to take photos while moving was not working. We finally stopped so I could get some decent photos and it was well worth it.

We ended up in Hope, Arizona for the night, which in in between Phoenix and Joshua Tree. The hotel was awful. Steve has lost his privilege of choosing hotels from now on. We are almost home, we can taste it and are both ready to park the car in the driveway for a while.

The next morning as we were heading out, we noticed a strange vehicle parked across the street from the hotel. It look like it was once an Air Stream trailer made into the Planters Peanut advertisement truck. It looked like a giant peanut, shell intact, with the Planters Peanut logo on it. Another road trip attraction to check off the list.

We made one more stop for gas before leaving Arizona. Actually, we made a U turn back to Arizona from California once we saw what gas prices were. Every penny counts. Crossing that line into California also meant traffic, and the hustle and bustle of being back in the city. Not any significant sites on this particular part of the route.

It was late afternoon, overcast and cool when we arrived home. We parked the Tahoe, went into the house and collapsed. The house was a cool 52 degrees, so we turned on the heat, but there wasn't any. After a couple of days of trying to get heat, it turned out that our whole heating and air conditioning system had to be replaced. More money! Also, two days after getting home, we noticed that there was a constant flow of water in front of the house by the curb. After some investigating, we found a leak in the water meter. Unfortunately, it was on our side of the meter. The city had to come and shut the water off and we ended up having to get plumbers out to fix it. So, we came home to no heat and no water. Welcome back to California. The repairs were done to fix the water leak, and we had to wait two day before Christmas until we had heat.

Now, the hard part comes. Unpacking the car and finding places for all of the stuff that Steve needed to bring back to California. Well, that concludes our trip across the United States, 4,500 miles and lots of memories, love, and laughter. Until the next adventure, Postcards from a Suitcase.

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