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Every beach has these warnings posted


This one is cleverly named Big Beach

What looks inhospitable to us is called a beach here

We have seen all colors - this beach has golden sand

People enjoy the beaches in many ways

A popular beach with mild wave action

Creative beachcraft

Walking along the beach is common

Another nice beach but watch out for the rocks the breakers throw...

Resorts in the background

Breakers rolling in

A beach of rock and sand combined

Another Hawaiian sunset



Lahaina, Maui, HI Maui is a "volcanic doublet," formed from two shield volcanoes that overlapped one another to form an isthmus between them. Maui is 48 miles long, 26 miles wide, and six miles at the narrowest point of the valley between the bays. The older, western volcano has been eroded considerably and is cut by numerous drainages, forming the peaks of the West Maui Mountains. Puʻu Kukui is the highest of the peaks at 5,788’. The larger, younger volcano to the east, Haleakalā, rises to more than 10,000’ above sea level, and measures 5 miles from seafloor to summit, making it one of the world's tallest mountains. Obviously with such an altitude difference in such a small area, there are lots of different climates. It runs the gamut from rain forest to arid desert. Being an island, there is lots of ocean front. Much of the ocean front is quite rocky, filled with volcanic rock. We finally made it to the part of Maui that has nice sandy, wide beaches. We put over 150 miles on the car as we roamed from area to area. No matter the composition – rocky, sandy or in between - all beaches on Maui are well-used. People play on the sand if there is any, lie in hammocks enjoying the breezes, read books while sitting on the shore, watch for whales and other sea life, surf or wait for the sunset. Not many actually swim because of the strong current and dangerous shorebreak but they like the beaches anyway.Today's paper mentioned a tourist who was killed by a "medium-sized" breaker. All shore line is open to the public. It is sometimes a challenge, however, to locate the access to the beach and often a near impossibility to find parking.

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