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Ali'i Kuna Lavender Farm

Over 45 varieties of lavender

One of the many viewpoints on the farm


Lots of unique areas on the grounds

There were many inviting pathways

Protea blosson

Mature Protea

This one fascinated us - looks like corn cobs

They all looked the same to us

Trumpet flowers

View upslope

View downslope

A visitor to our bathroom

Lahaina, Maui, HI We wandered toward the south end of the island, enjoying the ever changing landscape and the incredible blue of the water contrasting with the white of the breaking waves. Always willing to expand our minds, we visited Ali’i Kula Lavender Farm on the slopes of Haleakala. Lavender can be either an annual or a perennial. It is used for medical, cosmetic and culinary purposes. They even make tea and lemonade from it. Plus it smells good. This 13.5-acre farm is at an elevation of roughly 4000 ft. and is home to approximately 55,000 lavender plants and 45 different varieties of lavender. Olive trees, hydrangea, Protea, succulents and an exceptional variety of other plants can also be found on the farm. We wandered all of the paths although, since the farm is truly on the slope of Haleakala, some of the trails were a little challenging. We had no idea there were so many varieties of lavender. We know we viewed Spanish Lavender, Sweet Lavender, Grosso Lavender and Super Lavender because they were labeled but, honestly, they all looked about the same to us! Besides a very impressive collection of lavender and other beautiful flowers, the views from 4,000’ up and looking across the bay were awesome. Also awesome was the smell of the outhouses – lavender, of course!

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