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Atlantis Submarine adventure

About 20 of us on the submarine

Bluestripe snapper

The fish were totally unafraid of us

Spiny Puffer

Crusty old anchor

Whitefin Reef Sharks

Sunken ship

We passed right over this sunken ship

We went down 130 feet

Our submarine

Almost submerged

Nakalele Blowhole

Island of Molokai in the distance

Whales frolicking

Surfing contest

Trees grow well here


Lahaina, Maui, HI We were off today on an Atlantis Adventure submarine tour. About 20 of us were shuttled out to the submarine. We descended and explored the reef as well as an old shipwreck, a Carthaginian replica of a 19th century supply vessel. The ship was sunk in 2005 and already fish are using it like a reef. We saw spiny puffer fish, moray eels, whitetip reef sharks and many more species of fish. We dove to 130 feet and actually sat on the sandy bottom. It was quite an experience. There is no feeling of motion when under the water. Pretty cool. We then drove up the coast and went around the northwest end of the island. We just wanted to see the country. It took quite a while before we were finally out of the resort area. We stopped at Nakalele Point known for its blowhole. It has become notable for its dangerous conditions when waves crash in. People who get too close can be sucked in - it has happened here. What also happens here are larger unexpected waves sweeping across the lava and pulling visitors into the ocean. A blowhole’s effect is much like that of a geyser: a hole in the ground with a jet of water shooting periodically into the air. This blowhole is large enough to accommodate a manhole cover and is powerful enough to easily blast it high in the air – especially during high surf and tides. Some jets can approach 100 feet and if one is close enough one can feel the ground tremble beneath one’s feet as water is blasted skywards. We also found a surfing competition to watch while we looked for whales. Maui is one of the best islands for whale watching.

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