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Heading for the zipwire

There is an activity centre not far from here called Adrenalin Addo that has a zipwire, giant swing and canoeing. It is relatively in its infancy having only been set up in 2013 but this being a Saturday attracted several locals from Port Elizabeth while we were there. We pre-booked a 10.30 am slot and decided to do a detour through the park to get there. There have been sightings of lion over the last few days but they have eluded us and today was no different. At the Hapoor waterhole there must have been at least 60 elephants and we saw all the usual other animals including this time a scrub-hare. One interesting point about the elephants here is that the females do not have any tusks. The population here has been isolated from other African Elephants for so long that their genetics dictate that the females do not have tusks. This might prove to be a blessing as there is no incentive for them to be poached. It also makes identifying the sex of a creature very simple.

So on we went to Adrenalin Addo which is situated about 15km from here on the Sunday's River. Samantha and I had opted for the zipwire and giant swing while Gel joined us for the canoeing. The water in the river is very low at the moment so that made to canoeing tricky amongst the river weeds. The zipwire and giant swing were great and not as scary as I had expected. On the zipwire you reach a speed in kph similar to your weight in kg and you cross the Sunday's river at a considerable height for the top of the hill opposite. It lasts about 30 seconds. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to do something a bit different while visiting Addo. There is only so much game viewing you can do. On the giant swing we were hoisted up 18m by a rope tied to a pickup truck and then released to swing for a minute or two.

The main camp at Addo Elephant Park has a very pleasant outdoor swimming pool so we spent the rest of the afternoon there. We have enjoyed our stay here but tomorrow it is time to move on.

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