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Happy New Year!!!!!!

The crowd is here & anxiously awaiting the New Year...

It begins!


May we all have a prosperous, healthy, blessed Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you enjoyed New Year's Eve. As usual, we stayed in. With 330,000 visitors in town you'd have to be nuts to go down to the strip, or downtown for that matter, lol! It was quite cold all day & a bit windy too. But as the day wore on the wind seemed to die down which was good. The fireworks display bringing in 2016 required good weather. We enjoyed a quiet dinner with Bonnie & Larry & then played cards until about 11:30pm before retiring to the living room to watch the festivities on Channel 8. We actually have a great view of the fireworks out the front window too!

I took a few pics of the TV screen so you could get a bit of the 'flavor' in case you've never been to Las Vegas to see them in person. They actually came out pretty good. The fireworks lasted about 8 minutes, and as usual, they were spectacular. Perhaps next year we'll brave the cold & the crowd? Nahhhhh, probably not!

We came home about 12:30am & I called Mom to wish her a Happy New Year. Yep, she's a night owl & I knew she'd be awake. We were having a nice chat & about 1:04 a phone rang twice in my ear & a man's voice said "hello". I said "hi". He said "hello?" I said "is this Uncle Austin"??? He said "yep!" Oh my, I guess I accidentally bumped conference call & rang him up! Oooops, so sorry. I wished both him & Christina a 'Happy New Year', told them to go back to sleep, and quickly hung up. So sorry!

Today we enjoyed a wonderful pork roast with mashed potatoes & sauerkraut. Bill, Cindy & Bailey joined us for dinner too. Thank you Bonnie & Larry for the terrific New Years Day dinner. We enjoyed it very much. Tomorrow it's time to take all of the Christmas decorations down. Yuck, always a big job. But, it's been a special holiday season once again & I feel fortunate to have spent it with family & friends. And most especially with my wonderful husband!

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