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Flying home leaving my heart in Korea!

Well I awoke on my “last day” in Seoul to an email notification that my flight had been canceled due to weather……..cue panic attack! And confusion at the sunny clear sky outside? After a crazy mad dash to the airport to find out it had in fact been canceled due to weather at my layover destination, Narita Tokyo airport, and almost 2 hours spent in line to get to speak to an airline employee I have one more night in Seoul! Yep no flights until the next day! SOOOO are we sleeping at Inchon? Nope! Called my amazing hotel and told them what happened and had a room waiting for me by the time I made it back on the metro! Granted by the time I made it back the storm had hit, lightning and all, so I spent the evening reading, playing online with periodic trips to the little shop across the street for snacks! THEY HAD GIMBAP!!! In the morning Gil met me and walked me to the metro so we could say a proper goodbye! I miss him like crazy!

My fight left on time and arrived in a rainy Tokyo without issue. After an uneventful layover, and a little airport shopping, I bid a very sad farewell to East Asia. I truly cannot say how much I have treasured this trip! I have made amazing friends who I hope to remain close to for years, in friendship if not in geography. I cannot wait to return, these part of the world truly has my heart!

Touching down in LA was a little sad. Well I was happy to be home it meant my little adventure was over. I got a good laugh going through customs and being questioned about my intentions in visiting countries like China and South Korea. After 3 rounds of questions I finally said I went for the food. I’m not sure if the customs agent found it as funny as me but he did let me leave with my bags, much to the relief of my parents who were waiting on the other side of the gate!

So until we meet again, I can only say…

Mh Goi

Xie Xie Nin

Arigatou Gozaimasu


Thank you!

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