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Good morning Seoul

beautiful little temple up the street from my hotel

Jongmyo Shrine








Gwangjang Market




Grapefruit beer!

I was not fast enough lol

Egyptian food in Seoul?

a beautiful Mosque

Watermelon smoothie

On our way for REAL Korean BBQ

















So long Seoul, we will be together again someday!

Day 3 in Seoul was all about the food! Not that the rest of the trip hasn’t been lol but being we had checked off my whole “to do” list today I was at the mercy of Gil!

We started out the day hiking to the Jongmyo Shrine near my hotel. It was beautiful and peaceful. On the way we happened upon a beautiful temple and went in for a few moments to observe prayer. The Shine was like a park with some of the more impressive buildings I have ever seen. I really felt like I had gone back in time, or at least to a movie set. Either way we spent a good hour or two exploring the grounds.

From there Gil said we were going to the market, Gwangjang market to be exact. Which I immediately fell in love with! We had the most perfect lunch of fried veggie pancake and fresh gimbap with spicy mustard sauce in a tiny stall. I could have spent hours wondering around Gwangjang! The sounds and smells alone! Before leaving and venturing out into the now rainy weather we got fresh juice, I had fresh squeezed sugar cane juice, YUMMY!

From Gwangjang we trekked to Yongsan district, outside the gates of Yongsan Garrison, the US base in Seoul. Here I had my first experience with exploding beer. Yep, I said exploding beer! Essentially what you do is pour the beer, float a ring of grapefruit on top, then pour grapefruit puree on top. Now when you stick your straw in prepare to chug fast! Because once the puree hits the beer, well you we remember those volcanos we made in grade school? You get the picture lol but it is seriously delicious!!! Yongsan is a bit of an international district of Seoul. We saw foods from all different countries, even Egypt, well there! We wondered into a Muslin area where we saw a beautiful Mosque and had delicious fresh made watermelon smoothies in a little shop.

After wondering the city some more dinner was required, and one cannot visit Korea without having Korean BBQ! Let me tell you, we do it very very wrong in the states! I could rant about how amazing it was for probably pages…….but I will just say go look at the pics and drool for yourself!

Once stuffed and happy Gil said we had one more place to go that night. After a quick metro ride and a hike through some awesome busy night life we arrived at the Naksan Public art area. There was a set of steps that appear in some of my favorite dramas that I had very much wanted to see, and he found them! I got to see the flower steps! The whole area was so cool! It’s a whole area where the buildings are canvases, with murals and art on them.

We wondered the streets of Naksan until is because to dark and we had to call it a night. It was very bitter sweet. Though we stayed up talking at my hotel into the early hours of the morning, I felt I was going to be leaving something very special in Seoul.

“I long, as does every human being, to be at home wherever I find myself.” -Maya Angelou

…I was home in Seoul

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