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Erskine Falls, about 10 km from Lorne

Today I was talking to another camper who has come here since he was a kid & now brings his family & he told me there was another group who regularly come to the site I was in & he was surprised I was there.

There seemed to be some uncertainty when I moved here but the lady in the office said she’d move things around but then I felt uncomfortable if I was taking someone’s spot they’d had for the last 10 years. I knew how unhappy I’d be in that situation so I said I’d move if they turned up.

I went into town & got a new book at the Op Shop then drove to the Erskine Falls & got my exercise for the day, going down then back up 236 steps. The falls are lovely though & it was a very pleasant day, about 27ºC.

After I’d taken Alexander for his walk I got a phone call from the caravan park office saying they’d heard from the people who were supposed to be in Site 20 & they were due to arrive about 6:00pm. I really had no choice but to pack everything up & move to another site so I got even more exercise for the day.

Unfortunately, neither of the blokes I’d been talking to was around. I’m sure they would have helped me but in the end I felt I’d really earned my Friday night champagne. The worst part is that I found out later that these people have never been here before & weren’t the regulars at all.

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