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Old kitchen back splash...

New back splash almost done...

Old bathroom...I tore the wallpaper taking off a toothbrush holder while removing...

New bathroom backsplash...Love it!

Three Christmas trees this year! Big & small alike :)

Like our new tree, good idea honey!

Bonnie gifted us with this cute lighted gingerbread house, love it :)

Love my Santa set!

My Snowmen are pretty darn cute too...

25 years+ old & they don't have one nick or chip on...

My honey needed a quick nap when we were all done!

Yesterday we celebrated nephew Jared's 30th birthday. Ashley's baby is due February...

Fun with family & friends...

Plenty of folks, good Mexican food too!

Churro cupcakes for dessert! I loved the taste, thanks Trish :)

There was a bit of clowning around going on!

A little gag gift for Jared from Bonnie & Larry...

He was a good sport!

And so was I, lol!

Happy Birthday Jared!!!!

Isn't this a cute idea??? Pinterest perhaps?

Levi & Jasmine visiting with Santa...I think they are ready for Christmas...

Merry Christmas everyone!

We've kept ourselves pretty busy the past couple of weeks. I've wanted to install a 'tile' back splash in both the kitchen & bathroom, so with a lot of help from brother Larry, both are done. I really like the new look, needed a bit of updating after almost 10 years. I also ordered new window blinds for both rooms so will post pics of those after we get them installed.

Larry wanted to do a 'bigger' Christmas tree this year so I started looking for options that would fit in our small space. I finally settled on a 4'6" skinny version & we set it up on a cardboard box covered with a red skirt so it would be a bit taller. Turned out pretty cute! I still put up my fiber-optic tree & Santa display & I also put our Snowman display on top of the bookcase. We've owned both sets for over 25 years so they are sentimental to us. Glad we brought them along when we sold the 'stick & bricks' house. A few other items scattered about & it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Can you believe that this year is almost over???? Neither can I. It seems like it was January only yesterday. It's been a long one in many ways. We've lost several loved ones this past year & Larry has suffered with a couple of health issues himself. His hip is doing better & he's been a wonderful patient dealing with this new 'eating for life' diet plan. He feels well, has plenty of energy & has lost over 20 pounds! For those wondering, we plan to retest his cancer numbers mid January but expect them to be good. He says to tell you all he is doing wonderful :)

Onyx is doing well with her heart issues as well. She is a stubborn little thing about taking her meds & Larry has to roll them in thin slices of chicken & cheese to get them in her. Arghhh, not especially healthy but no choice. We tried the pill pockets for awhile but those didn't go over big at all. She's putting a few pounds back on due to this method but her hair is very black, shiny & soft once again. And she has way more pep in her step. She'll be 13 on January 10th & Larry will be 75. They share the same birthday so we're having a party for both of them on that day. Both will be enjoying chicken & noodles, a one time treat, made by Bonnie of course. Niece Cindy's birthday is the 3rd so we'll be celebrating her special day as well.

Yesterday was nephew Jared's 30th birthday celebration. Family & friends joined together to enjoy a terrific Mexican meal followed by churro cupcakes & cake. Oh my, I even cheated a bit to enjoy one of those. Delicious for sure.

Well, that about catches things up for now. Hope you are all staying warm & safe as we rapidly speed along toward Christmas & the new year. I'm almost done with our shopping & the Christmas dinner menu was completed yesterday. We'll be baking & wrapping in the coming days as I'm sure many of you will too. We wish you a blessed holiday season & try to take a few moments to 'smell the roses' if you can. Put on some pretty Christmas music, put up your feet & enjoy a glass of egg nog. And remember the 'reason for the season'. Hugs, L & L

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