KidsGive Sierra Leone November 2015 travel blog

Before- Children at Kumalo Informal School

After - In Uniform!

New Signboard

Prof. Skran and the Elders

Village women welcome me

Land for the proposed school building

Just last spring, Kidsgive began to assist an informal school in Kamalo, Port Loko. Though located very close to a major international airport, a trans-African highway, a mining railroad, and a global fiber optic network, the little Timne village of Kamalo has no government assisted, public school!

Three years ago the Conforti Children's Aid Organization started, a small, informal classroom. Using a local building as a school, two teachers offered lessons on a single blackboard.

Last spring, the school requested that Kidsgive help with the provision of uniforms. Then, children came to school dressed in ragged clothes. The leaders of the school thought that having actual uniforms would help the children in learning.

Yesterday I returned to Kamalo to see the children and their bright purple uniforms. The parents and the community elders came out to greet me with song, thanking Kidsgive for the support for their children.

Attendance at the school has now increased, as children that were sitting out decided that they wanted to come to a 'real' school.

The community elders have now agreed to donate land for a formal school building.

What is great about this project is that Kidsgive was able to finance just one component, but it is having a spin off effect. Since the uniforms are made locally, this contributes to the local economy.

I talked to the elders and teachers about having Kidsgive volunteers visit the school in the future - they are ready for us.

As I left, they gave to me a Timne blessing - 'Just as you have come in safety,may you go in safety.' I wish the same for you.

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