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cool giraffe made of books in the Albany library

One of the motivations for this lengthy cruise was to take advantage of what there is on the ship that we have never really had time for in shorter excursions. Deck chairs, hot tubs and spas have previously been a flash as we skipped off the ship for various port activities and the isolated day at sea made all of those things crowded and unappealing. On this adventure we have 8 days at sea. With a verandah cabin, we have some privacy (but being on the starboard side, we have no land view) to sit out and get fresh air. Unfortunately the weather has been extremely windy and a bit chilly (14-16˚ C) for swimming—the pool is like swimming in the ocean without the creepy crawlers on the bottom but plenty of wave action, but makes the hot tub a bit more appealing! I enjoyed a massage in the spa and we have read LOTS of books-kindles are very handy for this hobby!

This is the first time we have been on a ship that has dropped and picked up passengers along the way (including us). In conversing with guests we have found many who boarded in Seattle and have been aboard for 55+ days and many who are traveling on to Singapore after Sydney where we disembark. In addition these travelers have done many extended cruises (some several months in length). I am not sure how we would do for that length of time..so far this has been relaxing, but I am not sure how it would be for that much longer.

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