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Left San Francisco and headed off towards Montery, we decided to take the coastal route

as we'd read about the views, the GPS wasn't too happy about us taking this route, but we persevered and headed off on the A1 towards Los Angeles. The views along the coast were wonderful, we stopped several times to take photos and for lunch at The Whole Enchilada. Wonderful lunch, including a Margarita of course !! Paula opted for the fish taco, I went for a Seafood & Crab enchiladas. Mexican food is very popular here, almost every state have numerous restaurants.

I tried for a cache here, but too many people around, and couldn't find it with a quick look. By this time, we'd decided we would make it further than Montery, so decided for San Margarita... !!

The drive along Route 1 Big Sur Coast Highway was spectacular, the road winds around, we passed a Motor Cyclist who had come to grief with a car..his bike didn't look too good, he was nursing his leg. There were also many push bikes, very dangerous on this road, it winds around and there are double lines just about all the way. However, it appears it is a challenge for them, albeit a dangerous one.

As the sun was setting (5.15pm !!) we passed the Elephant Seals, but the carpark was too full for us to stop there too. Time was ticking away, we checked our guides and opted for an RV park closer than the San Margarita one, which also kept us on Highway 1. After a brief stop at the shops for supplies, we finally settled in our site at 7.30pm .... where does the time go ???

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