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Thursday Oct 29th.

Aahhh…peace…..finally caught up on some sleep. Definite lack of transients here which makes me think there’s probably a better caravan park around here somewhere….and probably crowded…this one is very small and quiet. Suits us perfectly.

Pulling out of Yepoon, quite big with all the usual suspects, BCF, Supercheap auto parts, Dominos. Noticed a yard in the industrial area with a number of old “Yank tanks”, couldn’t get close but possibly Buicks and Chevs. I’ve got to say while driving , probably as far back as north east South Australia , there was quite a number of farmers sheds I would have liked to fossick thru’. Spotted a number of old cars including 3 Valiants one of which was an “S” series. …just gathering dust and rats.

Yepoon only has one road in and out so it was back almost to Rockhampton before hitting the Bruce Hwy northbound. Capo o’clock came and went….nothing. Just mile after mile of cattle station country. Finally after a couple of hours driving we came to Tooloombah Creek roadhouse, a very sad and sorry establishment, but he did have a coffee machine so we took a break from driving and relaxed.

I was starting to regret taking the high road….there was an alternate route (the old Bruce Hwy) but I chose the new Bruce. Looking for a place to stop for lunch I spotted a sign saying Claireview pub on the beach. Sounds ok so pulled off the road and only one kilometre to Claireview. Quite different, there’s the Bruce Hwy, then the railway line , then a narrow bitumen “main street”, one long (2 kiolmetre) line of houses , then the beach. It’s sort of a retirement place, some very flash houses and some weekenders all with absolute beach frontage. From the bitumen to the beach would be less than 100 metres. All have boats in their yards, most have a tractor to put the boat in the water….looks like the place where old Chamberlains go to die. We pulled into some shade and made a sandwich…Terri had peanut paste and pear….together! Pretty soon some very colourful parrots walked down a tree trunk right next to us and chatted away …pretty sure he was saying “gizzabittabread”. Very tame…eating out of our hands. Then a couple of blue faced birds came down to see what was on offer. Bread and bits of pear for everyone.

After lunch we noticed nearby the Claireview community centre , sort of tearooms/craft shop. Terri bought a cup of tea and a few small items made by the locals. 2 ladies working there, one aussie and one Thai….I impressed the Thai lady with my fluent Thai….yeah….right. Terri went for a quick paddle, the beach was right there before waving goodbye to Claireville.

Carried on, countryside becoming more lush again, lots of sugarcane, more built up areas and soon we were approaching Sarina about 35kms south of Mackay. Spotted a sign to Armstrongs Beach…..guess we better go and have a look, only 3kms off the main road. Quite a big settlement, some huge homes down here but nary a coffee shop anywhere. Turned around and drove back out and carried on through Mackay….more bloody traffic lights. Finally arrived at our destination, Seaforth , on the coast 23 kms off the Bruce Hwy. Stayed here in 2012, a very nice campground, good amenities but no power.

Settling in with the local birdlife, more of the parrots we saw in Claireview, plus many ducks. Just going to have what’s left in the fridge for dinner.

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