2015 New York Trip travel blog

We left Tucson early Sunday morning and we were aiming for either Quartzsite, Arizona or Blyth, California. The weather was great for traveling with relatively cool temperatures and light winds. We took the Phoenix, Arizona Bypass to avoid the always dense Phoenix I10 traffic.

At a rest stop about 100 miles from Quartzite we decided to stay at the Hidden Beaches River Resort (resort is a far cry from what we found) located on the Colorado River on the north side of Blyth, California. We arrived there around 1400 and things went downhill quick. The Bachman's site became flooded as the result of broken water line. The water line was buried just below the surface and was reported to us residents at four time in the recent past.

Management was not very communicative and I could envision the entire area where we placed would become a lake and we might have had some difficulty exiting the property if the area flooded. I decided that I would not stay there and Marge went to the office and received a refund. The Ables also decided to leave and we headed for Indio, California, a distance of 100 miles.

It was dark when we arrived in Indio but we got registered and set-up in our sites. It was around 1930 when we finally got all settled and we were all so tired we both decided to simply have sandwiches for dinner and shortly afterwards I know we were in bed and I'm guessing the Ables' didn't waste much time before they hit the sack.

That is all for now.

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