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Carnivorous Plant: Darlingtonia Californica, the cobra plant

Sea Lion Cave

Kristi and friend

Patti is not a big fan of caves... but she went

some cormorants

Rocky coast

and lighthouse

light flashes every 10 secs

the cave


Not many sea lions in the cave... found these two

out in the ocean

the dividing line between the dunes and rocks

next up: the Dunes

Lunch at the state park, on the dune

Wild ride on the buggy




I hope we still have some viewers; my apologies for the tardiness of our posting. We have been pretty busy visiting friends and family here in the Great Northwest. Currently we are the guests of my sister, Kristi and her husband John. What a great place! We are in the guest house...

I have a lot of pictures to post yet; it may be rainy in the next few days so i will try to catch up.

For this post, here are some pictures of our day trip to the Oregon Coast. Highlights include going to the sea lion cave, lunch on a sand dune, then a great ride on a high power dune buggy. You can see a video of this at:

That gives a good feel what it was like.

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