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Adding a rock to a cairn near Songhellir Cave for good luck

Reading ancient graffiti in the walls os Songhellir Cave

Examples of cave graffiti

Overlooking the coast

Church in Reykjavik

Scenic Reykjavik

Colorful houses

The Ice Bar

Amanda and the Killer Sheep T-Shirt

We had this great idea that we were going to drive up the road leading to the glacier this morning as we were told that is was passable at least half-way if you did not have a 4-wheel drive vehicle. We made it only a short distance to Songhellir Cave where we took a quick look at the cave with its graffiti going back a few hundred years and decided that it was much too windy to continue any further. The winds definitely came in last night and brought a drop in the temperature in the peninsula. We headed back towards Reykjavik where the day was sunny and much warmer. We have realized that our biggest expense here (after flight and hotel) has been gas. I left the U.S with escalating fuel prices, but here it is about $7.50/ gallon. Plus, we had one toll going out to the peninsula that was $15 both ways. I can't imagine how people make it here with such high prices. Food would have been our biggest expense, but we brought alot of it with us, which was an extremely smart thing to do.

Back in Reykjavik, we wandered around the city some more and did some shopping. We found a good "hot pot" (Icelandic pools supplied by natural springs) and relaxed. We found a great restaurant that served a buffet of traditional Icelandic foods for our one and only dinner out. I tried more fish tonight than possibly in the past couple of years, but I have to admit that it was all very good. Even the pickled Herring surprised me. We watched the sunset over the ocean and headed in for an early night.

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