Southwestern Rally Trip with Texas travel blog

(Wayne asked me to write again.) A travel day, so up early to close everything and say goodbye to the rally people. Some we'll see at the next rallies we're going to, and some we won't. Off we went to Fort Huachuca which is 75 miles southeast of Tucson, AZ. Got to the U.S. Army Fort, which has been in this location since 1877 as a calvary post to chase after Geronimo who surrendered in 1886. In 1913 the Buffalo Soldiers were at the fort. This was an all African American unit and the Indians called them the Buffalo Soldiers. They remained here for 20 years.

Now it's a huge Army base with a commissary, post exchange, Burger King and Taco Bell, movie theater, huge gym with swimming pool, churches, oh, yes, and lots of men in uniform walking around and barracks and buildings for training and education. We had to show our identification cards to get in the heavily guarded gate. The RV parking and hookups are beautiful with trails leading off into the wild brush and overlooking the plains below. While Wayne set up the TV screen, I took a walk around the RV park's perimeter. Saw some kids squatting down on the ground looking at a hole with ants scurrying about. I stopped to talk to them. They told me they catch grasshoppers and feed them to the ants. Now that's a great thing for kids to do. We settled in for the evening and while Wayne was upset that he couldn't hook up to get a football game but I got to watch a movie with Judy Garland......we haven't watched much TV on this trip.

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