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One day of travel

Ontario seemed to go on forever...long long days where you felt like you got nowhere. We got out of Thunder Bay early, had a pretty pleasant morning. Blue skies, quiet highway.... But got busier as we got closer to Kenora. The DEF for the engine needed to be filled again, it gives us about 800 km warning. If we don't fill it and it runs out...truck shuts down. Of course Kenora gas station didn't have we carried on. It was a real thrill once we got to Manitoba and the divided highway again. I got very tired of driving on ontarios poor roads. It felt like a quick trip to Winnipeg. We got a couple jugs of DEF just before Winnipeg, but 4 litres isn't enough. We did the ring road and then stopped at another petro can on the west side and got a 4 litre jug, it took almost all of it. So closer to 7 litres in total. We were debating how far we were going to go, but chose the KOA west of the city at Saint Francoise Xavier. Hard to believe it's a KOA. The standards have gone down. After such a nice day of weather, we could see the clouds forming as we approached Winnipeg, and by the time we reached the west side, it was pouring, hence our decision to stop for the night. We were also worried about campgrounds being closed, after our negative experiences in Ontario, but we had nothing to fear it turns out...we saw very few closures throughout Manitoba and Saskatchewan. Our plan was to stop in Swift Current, which would be another 800 km. but I was raring to go further. So we kept on...and made it to Alberta, yee Haw!! And stopped just at east side of Medicine Hat. We did a whopping 1015 km today!! Needless to say! I'm pooped. Tomorrow? Rocky Mountain house.

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