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it's been a few days since I posted. We spent three nights in Renfrew. On Sunday, we woke up to discover our furnace had quit working during the night. It was a tad chilly in the camper. Len spent quite a bit of time taking things apart, checking fuses, wiring, even the inverter....couldn't find anything wrong. I had to wait to do laundry, so we didn't make it out of the campground until after 2 pm. We went directly over to Haley station, and the cemetery where my grandparents are buried. Had quite the time finding the headstone. The grass and clover are quickly growing over top and hiding it. We then went into Renfrew to the St. Francis Xavier cemetery, which is quite large and hilly. We had several in there to find,and spent about 1 1/2 hours looking around.

We decided we better go to Canadian tire and get a portable heater. It was supposed to be cool again, and we wanted to keep the tanks warm, but wouldn't ya know it!!! We get back turn on the furnace...and vroom works fine!!! Arghhhhh

Yesterday we didn't get away quite as early as we wanted to unfortunately. We wanted to get as far as possible, we knew camping would be scarce and we want to get through all of Ontario in just three days. So...we went as far as Kapuskasing. A whopping (for us) 800 km. it was 6pm by the time we got there, having stopped twice for campgrounds that were closed. We hoped they had a municipal one or at the last resort we knew they had a Walmart. campground and the Walmart had several drunks hanging out by the doors. Not someplace we felt comfortable. So we drove to the other side of town, and decided the chamber of commerce/ museum parking lot would have to do. There's a Tim Hortons across the road, so we figured the OPP should be making the rounds. Lol. It wasn't the most comfortable place to camp. The dogs were unable to be outside for more than just a pee break. I woke in the middle of the night, barely able to breathe. The newsprint mill across the tracks burns wood, and the horrific stench and thick smoky air had filled the camper. Both dogs had raspy breath, our noses were completely plugged. Horrible!! This morning, I had red sore eyes and quite the headache.

We wisely decided to set an alarm for 5:45, quickly got ourselves out of bed and packed up to go. I moved the camper from our "parking stall" to the main museum lot. We went across to timmys for some breakfast....yes, gasp!! we bought coffee!! When we returned staff were already arriving for work, and our stall was occupied!! We hit the road by 7, still in the dark and started the long boring journey to Thunder Bay. Very little to see on this leg, some beautiful scenery, but mostly just boring. Not great for a day when you're sleepy and have sand in your eyes! This leg today was about 600 km. we arrived at the KOA by 1:30. The dogs are very happy to be outside in the sunshine, enjoying this lovely fall day. Tomorrow, the plan is to be out of Ontario.

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