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We decided not to race out of Quebec City, as we were sure the highway would be busy with morning commuters. Got away about 9:15. We chose to take the route north of the St. Lawrence seaway to avoid the construction, tolls and heavy traffic south of Montreal. We crossed at Trois rivieres, which is a crazy high steep metal bridge. They must at times close lanes on it because they have the lane closure lights going in both directions. The middle of the bridge is a cement wall and the outside is also cement...and the lanes are very narrow. It was not the most enjoyable bridge we've been on.

The highway on the north turned out to be actually busier than the south side one. Who knew.? But it was smooth sailing. It was a nice break to have a strong tail wind and wide shoulders, we were cruising along getting excellent fuel economy. Once we got close to Montreal traffic picked up quite substantially. Fortunately our route took us past the airport so signage was aplenty!! Once we left the craziness of the city traffic, we started down one of the most fabulous routes of the entire trip. Fall colours were really starting to show, we were close to Mont Tremblant, with lots of rocks and hills, lakes and rivers. Quite something!! It made our whole day. We continued through to Gatineau, and another drive through heavy city traffic, and a series of 3 small roundabouts. Once out of the populated area, we followed the river for about an hour through many acreages and farms. We noticed road signs and business signs were no longer predominately French. Many were just English or had English above the French. Most homes are century homes that have been lovingly maintained or restored. We crossed the river at portage du Fort. The river has been dammed here, with a series of three narrow dams. The last one, I was zipping across before I met the oncoming traffic...and sure as shit! The OPP were sitting there....he motioned me to slow down. Len waved at him and smiled, and he for some reason had a good belly laugh....

We followed Storyland road, past the Champlain Storyland I remember from my childhood. It's still there but closed, not sure if it's permanently closed or not. The KOA is close by.

This morning, we drove down the road to see my dads farm, where he grew up. It's sad to see the barn and outbuildings deteriorating. The house at least has been maintained and at some point the old summer kitchen was removed and an addition built on. We continued down Pinnacle hill road to Kasaboski road, to see Simon and Claudette's farm....which is no was so sad to see that big old brick house gone, the barn where I went to pet the poor weaning calves, the fields where the bluegrass festival was....everything is either gone or so completely different. We spent the rest of the day, driving the area around Calabogie and White Lake visiting museums and graveyards....

Len is sure taken by this area. The leaves are just barely changing, it's mostly still green, but the change is just a few days away. Unfortunately we can't wait anymore. Snow has already fallen close to home. It's time to start our journey west, and back home.

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