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Rubyvale in the gemfields

The little garage selling sapphire jewellery

Muggachino and Strudel cafe

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Memorial to the Light Horse at Capella

FRIDAY 2nd October

We've decided to stay in Emerald for an extra 2 days. Provided RonP gets his new wheel this afternoon we can leave Emerald on the Public Holiday and head for Blackwater. So after morning tea we set out to find out what is at Anakie, Sapphire and Rubyvale, all to the west of Emerald. Incidentally there are no rubies at Rubyvale and no emeralds at Emerald.

Anakie was a tiny town which showed little signs of habitation, Sapphire was a little larger but still did not entice us to stop. At Rubyvale we looked in at the sapphire merchandise and chatted with the owner who used to be a miner but now only sells the sapphire merchandise. He didn't win us over so the wallets were unaffected. Across the road was the Muggachino and Strudel cafe and sapphire shop. We felt sorry for him and decided we would each sample the strudel. You do feel good about injecting some funds into this local economy where there was a noticeable lack of tourists. Then ....... we discovered today was his last day. He normally shuts down for 6 months from October to April when it is hot enough that the tourists stay away. He plans to travel to Madagasgar, India, and Thailand. Somehow I don't think he needed our little pittance of funds injection for his holiday. At 2:00 the strudel hit the spot because there was no green grass or public shade spot (or toilet) that we could see in Rubyvale.

It seemed like a good idea to travel the remaining 2 legs of the triangle rather than return on the same road, so we headed for Capella. What a nice little town with a magnificent park that extended right along the side of the Main Street on the other side to the shops. So lunch became our afternoon tea before we travelled back to Emerald to arrive in time to check on RonPs wheel due in from Brisbane.

Good news - the wheel is here and will be ready to pick up before closing at 5:00. So after picking it up we put it straight on the van to be sure it was a correct fit. Done and dusted - or should that be "done and dusty" here in a town that is hanging out for rain. Ready to roll again on Monday.

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