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Hartland bridge...note the foggy look. It's rain...pouring rain.

Leaves are turning!!!

Autumn and Brodie are definitely bonding

Petit de Champlain


Beautiful shot, taken from my seat at Le Lapin Sauté

Lapin poutine

The funicular

Our double decker bus

The started to rain late the night we were just north of Fredericton...and it didn't quit. When we woke, it was pretty wet. We quickly packed up and continued our journey north. The forecast for northern New Brunswick originally said we would be out of the rain within an hour of leaving. But in the morning they had extended the rain to the Quebec border. As albertans, we are not accustomed to this kind of comes down in sheets. The highway was covered in a thick layer of water. We're too heavy to hydroplane, but more like plowing through the standing water. I kept the speed under 100 km/hr, but our fuel economy was still horrible at 24-25 L/ 100 km. When we were on this route previously, we didn't stop in Hartland to see the worlds longest covered spite of the rain we stopped this time. It's still the main bridge crossing the river in this town. Well used and very busy. It's a one way bridge. We decided not to cross...they go really, really fast....

When we reached the Quebec border...the rain miraculously stopped...just like that! Such a relief to drive on a nice highway with no rain and no wind...I almost forgot how...

Getting to the Quebec City KOA was quite painless, we booked ourselves a tour leaving the campground this morning at 9:30. Levis' and the new Quebec City are very much like every other city...but once you reach the old's quite remarkable. We felt like we had been transported to Europe!!! We learned or maybe I should some Canadian history. Samuel de Champlain founded Quebec City in 1608. The citadelle, and the barracks are original buildings dating back almost to that date. Quebec is working very hard to restore, rebuild, or uphold the original buildings. Many things were under major construction and we couldn't see them in their best. I even remembered things from when I was here before in 1974.

We took a double decker bus tour, which is a hop on hop off. We went for almost the entire tour before we got off at the plains of Abraham. We walked from there into the citadelle. We chose not to tour the inside of the facility, as our time was somewhat limited and it cost $16 each. We then headed over toward the chateau Frontenac. We took a long route, going down some beautiful side streets and toured the holy trinity church. We went down the many stairs to get to lower Quebec below the Frontenac, to an area called petit de Champlain. It was probably the most European feel of any place. Reminded me of Belgium. We walked the shops and decided to eat at a lovely bistro called La Lapin Sauté. Where they obviously specialize in, well....bunnies.... We had local wine and a locally made "natural" beer. I then had French onion soup, topped with the special local cheese called 1608 charlevoix an aged white cheddar. The soup and the cheese were superb. I then had to have poutine, there's is a specialty where the gravy is filled with shredded rabbit meat and served with large cheese curds. Extremely good, I'm very glad I only ordered the half size appetizer size, as it was very rich and I never would have eaten an entire serving. Len had a delicious walleye fillet served with a lemon beurre blanc.

After lunch we walked around a bit more then took the funicular back up the hill, instead of the looooong flights of stairs back up to terrain de dufferin, the boardwalk alongside the Frontenac. We continued looking around in the upper old Quebec, even finding a Christmas store....;)). Overall??? A fantastic day. For me, a definite highlight of the trip, we cannot wait to come back, and stay right in the heart of old Quebec where we can have several days to really see everything!!

Tomorrow? Off to Ontario and my fathers birthplace.

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