Go West They Said. So I did! travel blog

Playing on swing at motel before leaving

Helen at Motel before leaving

View along the way

Top of Blackburn climb

Don exhausted after Blackburn climb. Now doesn't that road look comfy!!

Siding Springs observatory

At observatory

Telescope inside observatory

Observatory tour. The men fell in love with Amanda :-)


Sculpture at Observatory. Like many letterbox sculptures along the road

Galah sculpture next to road

Emu farm

Emu farm

Emu farm

Wheat crop and fluffy clouds

Our cabins (Ian and Sandy)

Sandy on our verandah

At the cabins

View from cabins, with one of the virtual solar system planets in...

Sandy cools down after long hot ride

Exec Summary

Much concern in the group about the big climbs today

Mel and Jack took the car to miss the climbs

Blackburn Hill was a killer. Greater than 10%

Siding Springs Observatory climb was longer with a small 20% section but I found easier. Some others disagreed!

Overall 700+m climbing in 17km

Siding Springs observatory tour was really interesting

Lunch at Emu farm (I had emu sausages!)

Very quick 20km to Tooweenah as I drafted Geoff

Stayed in cabins but the group was split across 2 sites

Dinner in Tooraweenah pub

Pretty tough day but good!!

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