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Rainfall warning

Today was a good news bad news kind of day.

Hmmm...which first??

Good news! Freddie got an oil change!!!! Finally, it was very overdue. After so many attempts, and getting told by almost every Ford dealer in Atlantic Canada that they were booked two weeks in advance. We took another chance and tried again and bingo we found a well run dealership in Charlottetown and got in!!

Bad news.... We knew Wednesday was going to be rainy, but it was upgraded very substantially to a severe storm. With up to 100 mm of rain falling and the severe winds continuing. We were going to be stuck right in the middle. The storm is expected to cover a large area from Fredericton going across to gaspe, covering all of PEI, Nova Scotia, and Newfoundland. The coastal areas being the hardest hit. Our plan was to drive up the coast of NB to gaspe then across to Quebec City. If the storm turns out to be as severe as they are predicting, we would probably have to stay put for at least 2 days. This didn't appeal to us at all, so we made the choice to leave PEI a day early and go as far as we can towards Quebec. We were at the Ford dealership until 12:30 then fought ferocious head winds all the way to Fredericton. We had hoped to be out of the storm warning area, but we all had had enough for the day.

The wind here has been pretty mild, with just occasional gusts, but now at 11:00 pm. It's starting to rain.

So keeping fingers crossed that we can drive out of it quickly tomorrow and have a nice drive to QC.

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