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We were the blue dot

Oh yeah!!!!

Made it across the bridge

We made it across the bridge!! I was very worried....they close the bridge to anything over 2.2 metres when the weather is adverse....and 40 km winds with 60 km gusts that seem to happen almost all the time was surely going to affect us at 3.5 metres...but strangely enough we were fine, it was a bit of a tail wind and we really didn't feel it at all. Once across we did sort of an eenie meenie, and decided to go left, up to the North Cape point. Very beautiful, the end of the Cape was what we sort of thought we would have going up the Digby neck, Ocean views.... And the sense of knowing you are on a narrow strip of land jutting out into the ocean. Starting out with crazy winds, one can well imagine what they were like when we get to that very northern point of PEI like this. They have a wind farm, and a wind research station there. It was a fun drive, but not one single campground open. So even if we would have liked to stay on that side of the island, it was a no go. So we decided to head towards the Anne know who area...since it appears that's what most folks come here to see....except us... And of course many campgrounds are still operating here.

So tomorrow, we will drive around a loop that will get us back to Charlottetown. We will head out Wednesday morning, which is supposed to be rainy and ugly. The entire week is forecasting nothing but these super high winds. Even though we are certified prairie people, we are just not accustomed to these winds.

Overall so far, the island of red soil and potatoes has not disappointed.

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