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Mahone bay

Our journey from Lunenburg, to Halifax was very beautiful again. We stayed on the secondary highways and wound our way to another beautiful historic village named Mahone Bay. It was obviously a very wealthy place before the turn of the century, as the homes along the waterfront were magnificent. The village also has three beautiful churches that line the waterfront across the bay from all these homes that are postcard perfect!! We didn't stop, as the town was very busy and parking was at a premium. We carried on to the main divided highway until we reached the turnoff for Peggy's Cove. That road was another narrow challenging and very busy route. The topography changes quite a bit in this area. It has the rocks scattered everywhere like the Canadian Shield, lots of coniferous trees, lakes creeks and bays coming in from the ocean. Len says it reminds him of Yellowknife. When we got close to the cove we first stopped at the Swissair flight 111 memorial. There are two very large round pieces of granite sitting in their edges. One is in recognition of the people on the plane that lost their lives, the second is to acknowledge the local people for everything they did at the time of the tragedy. It's a very lovely, and strangely quiet spot. The plane crashed 20 miles off shore from this location. We carried on from there to Peggy's cove, just a kilometre farther. It's a small village with a few houses, church and a marina. And then the new amenities for tourists....visitor info centre, washrooms, restaurant, souvenirs, more places to eat, more souvenirs, more washrooms....and a couple huge parking areas. And people, people, people and more people.....there had to have been at least 20 large busses. Some the extra large ones that bend in the middle, then smaller tour busses everywhere, at least 50 taxi cabs that people hire to drive them around, a few RVs and cars, cars, cars.....everywhere!!! We felt sick!! You couldn't move for all the people. We went over to the edge of the rocks, took a couple pictures of people, with I think a lighthouse in the background, turned around and left....

We discovered later that Halifax had three cruise ships in port. Two of which were the extra large ones. There had to have been at least 12,000 people dropped off those ships....bad day to visit the tourist traps.

We continued on to Halifax and then to Denice's house. Denice and Kevin made us a delicious lobster and Caesar salad dinner!! We had a fantastic evening catching up and meeting her son Doug.

Yesterday, Denice became tour guide and took us downtown to the waterfront farmers market. In port was the Caribbean princess, and while in the market the AIDAdiva, another ship sailed in. They have a bagpiper and drummer pipe the ship in!! Very cool, but as the ship slides in sideways up to the partly open air market, but mostly closed off building, the wind increases quite substantially as they get closer together. I couldn't help but think how difficult it must have been for the piper to breathe and keep his bag filled to play properly. We continued out of Halifax after this and went back to the area we had come from the day before. Mahone bay and another small village Chester. We had a great lunch in a historic old home, did some shopping and just had a really enjoyable afternoon. Dinner and the rest of the evening we spent back at the house, with more laughs and more wine than we should have drank....

The bittersweet feeling we have though, is that we have gone as Far East as we can. From here on, we are going west and ultimately back home. We're excited to see PEI and my dads hometown in Ontario. Even looking forward in some ways to going home. But it's also sad to think that so much of our journey is already behind us.

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