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Way steeper than it looks.....

Bluenose 2

Hard to get a good picture

Solomon Gundy....of course

It's been two days since updating. Last time we were in the beautiful Wolfville, we had been thinking about touring some more wineries as there are probably 8 in the area. But we wanted to head down to Digby, and I wasn't really into drinking a bunch of wine and then hitting the highway...I think that's illegal?? But Wolfville is an absolutely wonderful place to spend a few good days eating and drinking and going to the beach. I enjoyed the straight highway drive to Digby. It was enjoyable to look the trees. The annapolis valley is very lush and much flatter than most of Nova Scotia. They call it the harvest highway. Loads of apples and corn, grapes, pumpkins....and very beautiful historic homes. Our drive from Wolfville to the campground was through the historic Grand Pre'. It's the big meadow, 3013 acres that is actually below sea level that was dyked and cultivated to restore it from being a salt marsh. Many many years ago. It's a very fertile farming area now.

Digby was a nice town, nothing too spectacular that we saw. We drove down the Digby neck to whale cove. Stayed overnight and were debating about taking the two ferries to the last two islands on this long stretch, but decided that the wait times were just too great and decided to head to the other side of Nova Scotia. So off we went, my navigator extraordinaire decided that those long straight highways were too long and boring...and that driving down those crazy winding narrow highways was much quicker........... But we made it!!! Hallelujah!! And my oh my! Lunenburg exceeded all our expectations!! The only problem we have? We should have come here, instead of Digby....spending a couple nights would have been perfect. What a beautiful seaside town, the bluenose 2 is as stunning a sailboat as they get. We wandered around, thoroughly enjoying the stupendous heat, and decided we needed to go have a up we went to this second floor balcony restaraunt. Ordered an Alexander Keith's beer or two..of course...and I decided to have???? Solomon Gundy!!!! I had to ask what it was...asked if people that ordered it liked it? Lovely waitress says...yes of course!! Ok! Bring it on!!! And?! I loved it!!! I'll be going to a grocery store to get some to bring home. Who knew pickled herring was so good?? The Norwegians and Maritimers....That's who. And now Len and Kathy.

So we wandered around a bit more, the stores were all closing at 5 since it's fall...even though it's so hot I was melting on that balcony eating my herring...then we decided on dinner. The salt shaker deli. It's been on HGTVs you gotta eat here!! And gotta eat there, food was delicious. Len tried another local beer, propeller and I had wine from Luckett vineyards, one of the places we could have visited in Wolfville. I've decided Nova Scotia wines are the bomb!! Maybe even better than BC, we had to walk through town back up...and I mean UP to our campground. Some of the steepest roads I've ever been on. But after drinking two beers, a plate of Mr. Gundy, a big bowl of scallop linguine and half a bottle of wine....oh my....that was one hell of a climb!!!! Picture attached....and I'm just don't do justice....came back to the camper and had a nice chat with my mother. Tomorrow? Peggy's cove..and Denice!! Whoop whoop

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